Bizarre rail pricing

I’m trying to sort a ticket out on Simple enough, I have a choice of two “start” stations – both on the same route – and the same destination. Basically, I need to get from Bristol to Newport tomorrow morning to sort my passport out.

Bristol has quite a few stations, so I checked Temple Meads first as it’s the nearest to the city centre. Journey just over an hour, including one transfer at Bristol Parkway. Fair enough. £4. Fair enough. The journey from Parkway on seems to be a bus, not a train. OK, maybe it’s a replacement service. Whatever.

Now, I wonder how much the same journey is from Parkway if I happened to start there instead?

Eight quid.

Eh? A shorter journey, and it costs more? It makes more sense, even if you are only travelling from Parkway, to buy a ticket from Temple Meads and reserve a seat you’ll never use on the train. Bonkers.

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