Words of sense from El Tel

I never thought I’d see the day, but some reasonable and honest words from the footballing world. Terry Venables on turning down the Newcastle managerial position:

“All they could guarantee was that I’d be in a job until Mike Ashley sells the club whenever that might be. As flattered and honoured as I was to be approached by Newcastle, in the end it wasn’t that difficult a decision for me to decline their offer.

The Newcastle supporters have suffered more than enough in recent years. I didn’t want them to think I’d gone up there just to pocket a few quid from Mike Ashley and then wave ‘cheerio’ a couple of weeks later.”

Tel, thank you for being honest and above board. However, this does seem like we’re likely to end up with David O’Leary so our team will be reduced to a bunch of “boys”.

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3 thoughts on “Words of sense from El Tel”

  1. Chris – to use NUFC.com’s phrasing… “JFK”. I’ll let you guess what the F stands for. Frankly I just said “who?”

    Nighjack – hey, fella. Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I found out the score this morning. We’re back to the old days of scoring… but not scoring enough. As Shay Given’s said, even if we get bought in about 2 weeks and Keegan’s back in place within the month, there’s nothing we can do until January. See you in the mid-table *sigh*

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