Racism in (and around) football

I posted the following in response to Georgina Best’s article at For Girls Who Can’t Do Football. It came out a little longer than I intended, so thought I’d pop it on here. I also haven’t put anything up here for a few days… Please read that original post before continuing.

As Stuey [first commentor on the article] said, the Spanish fans are just as big a bunch of children as you could wish not to get stuck with.

Racial sensitivity in Spain might also not be as big an issue as it is in this country. I don’t know what the non-white population is in Spain. Without a notable presence and a government around to tell you how to behave around them, how will you know what’s racist?

Never mind drink driving, look at our TV programs 30 years ago. Bernard Manning, Stan Boardman, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, Till Death Us Do Part… They’re not even repeated these days, let alone have modern-day versions.

Racism = bad. Over-reaction also = bad. And it’s a damned fine line between the two.

Having said all that, I approve of the punishment if it’s the only way to teach clubs to teach fans (although I doubt it’ll work in honesty), but it’s a kick in the teeth for other fans – such as Liverpool who’ve already paid for and organised travel and hotels for their trip there.

Surely due to the logistics, this match could have been made exempt from the ban? Or the ban could have been brought in, say, 3 weeks hence rather than immediately so as not to inconvenience non-Madrid/Spanish fans who wouldn’t have been involved in the first place?

No, wait. We’re talking about a football authority. Fans are the lowest of the low in their estimation.

Down there with the racists.

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