Why I don’t need fricking facebook


I’m getting sick of this.

I do not need to get a facebook profile. I don’t have to have one to stay in contact with you, or to see your pictures, or to find out what you’re doing at the weekend. The simple fact that someone’s told me I need a facebook profile proves this. Generally they’ve told me on MSN or by email. Therefore there’s absolutely no need for me to check their facebook to find anything out as they’re capable of telling me via other methods.

Likewise, I don’t need one so people can find out where I am, what I’m doing or what my plans are for March. Because I have three ******* blogs with all that on (two active, the 1000 Mile Walk one now mothballed).

Look to the right – see the little gadget that tells you where I am? As long as I remember to update that, it’s fairly accurate. If I ever get a GPS device it’ll be linked to it. My Google Calendar has all my travel details on it – past, present and future. It’s permanently linked from my Travel Blog (see “Travel Planner” on the left).

So it’s not me who needs facebook. It’s everyone else who needs to ditch the damn thing and start exploring the rest of the internet. You’d be amazed how many pages aren’t shades of blue, and based seemingly entirely on how many “friends” you can get.

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you could get it then not bother updating your status – that’s more fun


aww, who’s the grumpy baby? 🙂

well, to me Facebook is good for: photos; saying the occasionally hi to long lost friends whom you wouldn’t spend time emailing or chatting to; updating what books you’re reading and checking out friends’ reads. That’s pretty much it. I know you can do all of that (virtual bookshelf, travel map, photo sharing, etc.) on other sites, but then your friends will have to join each of those site too. So facebook is convenient because it has lots of those things in the same place.

Other than those, I don’t bother with silly applications, and don’t feel the need to add random people to increase my friends list.
Oh, and yes, the privacy setting for photos on there is great because you can limit viewers, but don’t need to send group emails.

Anyhoo, get your butt on there already!
haha 😉


nope – not got one either (or a MySpace or a Twater (or whatever it’s called)) and yet still I manage to stay in touch with my chums via the hideously old fashioned media of email, telephone and (gasp) occassional face-to-face contact