The magic of the internet

Football League Cup

If not “magic” then certainly “weirdness”. I’d left the puppycam running all day when I sat down to do the usual “hit refresh and see what’s happened” tactic of football viewing I’m often stuck with here. Thanks to the BBC and their amusing coverage for that, but it’s not the same as watching on telly.

However, bizarrely, the puppies had metamorphosed into a Spurs v Liverpool game standing at 2-0. No, wait. 3-0. I mentioned this to Leah who checked… and got the puppies. I posted the link as a comment on a football site – everyone else was getting puppies. I was getting the Carling Cup tie.

Once the game finished, I did a refresh on the link. Puppies reappeared (aaaaaaw).

How weird is that?

Oh, and the mackems got knocked out. Thank you, Blackburn!

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The one small consolation of being knocked out by Spurs is that Chelski got beaten by Burnley. But we were rubbish last night!