Johnnie Walker

I have a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label on my desk. I more or less live in this office so it makes more sense than keeping it in the apartment I share. I was thinking of having a picture per day of the level in the bottle so you could judge my mood… but I don’t have a camera with me.

So you’ll just have to take my word for it. It went down quite a bit this evening.

Thankfully for celebratory reasons.

Geek warning: I don’t know PHP. I don’t “code”. It’s the one thing I don’t do. I hack away at other people’s script, and adapt and change it but I don’t code from scratch. We have an ap I set up last year using some script from the amazingly wonderful resource at Maian Script World. I hacked and cobbled and messed with it (with some help from the original author who was incredibly helpful) and we got something that kinda did what we wanted.

Then this season I found they wanted more.

So I hacked and cobbled and messed and now i have a very happy catering manager. I fear I may be H-C-M’ing a bit more to put the final touch on it before I depart in December.

The downside? We have a web-ap supplied by another company. Apparently they quoted £10k for this functionality online. I’ve given it to the company as part if my incredibly low monthly pay-packet.


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hey, you could always have it break… and then charge them to fix it!! Obviously not for 10k but still.. its a thought 😉

and yes i am out of class…again 🙂 the joys.

but, my student leaves next week and il have to do everything myself again 🙁 arse