Happy birthday to me

Here's to the birthday boy!

****’s sake. Thirty-*******-five.

At least I can legally **** someone half my age. Which isn’t really what one should be crowing about on a birthday, but other than that there’s not a lot else to gain.

I reserve the right to say “****” a lot on this post as I’m older than you. You young bastards.

At least I’m in a nice place – Chamonix, again. And I believe I’ll be in the bar from around 14:00 getting ******* hammered (while Newcastle likely suffer the same fate on the telly – ah well).

Happy birthday to me. Bah ******* humbug.

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11 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me”

  1. oh wow! Happy Birthday, I.!!! 35 is still spring chicken! seriously. Have a great time getting hammered :))
    so, is it actually the 13th or the 14th?


    PS: this Recaptcha thing this time says: “for divorce”. wtf? hahaha…

  2. You still can’t **** someone half your age in America, at least. And what’s so cool about ******* drastically younger women anyway? At least, any more cool than just ******* women full stop.

    Anyway, consolations, old man. I’m right behind you, so to speak… 🙁

  3. Wow, hey people…

    Amy – 14th. I posted at just after midnight my time here, but the blog runs on UK time so it came up as the 13th. Changed!

    Weenie – fank oo! I will try not to catch up with you!

    Liam – **** off, you bastard :-p

    Damo – **** off, you bastard :-p The beard hides the wrinnkles!

    Babs – thus noted. Handy hint, that!

    Andy – I can’t?! Bloody hell, what’s their age of consent? And I’ll take the piss out of you on the 21st…

  4. It’s funny, on my 36th one of my “Friends” tried to organise a night out where “I could go out to a club and pull a girl half my age legally”.
    Now, I couldn’t be arsed and ended up not going. My argument at the time was that I’ve seen myself (and am quite used to the train wreck i’ve become) , why the hell would a woman half my age want to have sex with me?

    still – ended up having a nice quiet pint in a pub.

  5. Ah, you’re not that bad, fella! I’ve just stopped caring. I go out to have fun and stare at boobies. It’s like being at the cinema. Only you get to drink alcohol while you watch.

  6. the arts cinema near me allows the drinking of wine and beer during films. Random.

    I do all the boobie staring at the pub too – and of course staring at my own

  7. I gather some places do. Unfortunately not the mainstream cinemas (in the UK anyway) unless you pay a fortune for the “special” screens.

    Boobs are good. I like boobs.

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