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Some national sides of euro coins

Things are getting expensive for us Brits right now. Especially this one (and the others he’s working with). The British Pound is gradually collapsing against other major currencies. Even the US Dollar is gaining ground. The one that concerns me most right now is the Euro as I’m paid in GBP, but spend EUR while I’m in France.

When I came out here last year, a £1 would get you around €1.70. The last bank transaction I made got me a rate nearer €1.12. I also gather that in some currency exchange places you’ll actually get less than a Euro for a quid. Ouch.

Woolworth’s and MFI have gone under. My dad’s spent a couple of awful evenings at home deciding which of his staff he needs to keep and who to let go this month as the company he works for downsizes. Staff are being let go all over the UK in their hundreds and thousands.

I just found out that AC/DC are adding some stadium dates to their UK tour. All very exciting until I checked the prices for Glasgow – £70. Plus booking fees. And likely admin/delivery charges on top. Then there’s transport to get there, parking and the like.

I would love to see AC/DC live. I never have and at those prices I doubt I ever will. I’d have preferred to see them in a smaller venue, but I won’t be in the UK when they play the 02, MEN and NEC. They’re all sold out anyway. Thing is, I still think they’ll sell out the stadia they’re playing despite the economic downturn and despite it being a £100 night out.

Why? Because this is their first tour in many years and by all accounts they’re one of the best live bands in the world. There’s also every possibility they won’t tour again. And yet I’ll still miss it.

However, I just can’t justify £100 on one gig. Not when I can spend half as much again and go to a three-day festival in Belgium, France, the Czech Republic or even in a field in the Midlands.

Yeah, bit of a ramble. Sorry. But if anyone has a spare ticket for AC/DC in Glasgow on June 30th (after they’ve gone on sale, obviously) and feels generous then it would have a happy life in my sweaty hand. Worth a shot!

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  1. Thing is, I’ve never really enjoyed a stadium gig. I’d hate to blow £100 on a concert featuring a band I’ll never see again and walk out going “that was ****”.

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