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One more post before I retire with my head cold, a hot drink and some episodes of The Dead Zone to lull me to sleep.

*cough* *hack* *ill noises*

I just have to say a huge “Well Done” to the people who worked on WordPress version 2.7. Simply, it’s a masterpiece. I’m sure there are little bugs that some people will have found, but frankly it’s a stunning piece of work and a huge jump up from 2.6.

Anyone still running an older version, I urge you to upgrade. OK, I accept some plug-ins may break if you do (the “tables” one I used heavily in the 1000 Mile Walk Blog will, hence why that’s still back on an old version) but otherwise make that move.

Everything is so much more professional. The layouts are drag/drop so you can customise what you see and when you see it. Each time I log in I find another little feature I’d not spotted which makes me giggle with glee.

The one that prompted me to post this (finally) is the horizontally shrinking menus on the left. I often use my laptop or a 14″ / 15″ monitor (some of our resort machines are a little dog-eared) to edit, so any extra screen real-estate width-wise is a boon. If you’ve not noticed it yourself, check the little dot and line under the Dashboard and Comments buttons. Click there and the menus drop to icon-size; roughly a quarter the width they were before.

I’ve liked WP since I started using it, but this is just stunning. And free.

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3 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7”

  1. Damo – anything involving watching a Mac get smashed with a hammer (even a fake one) is good stuff. Incidentally, have you changed email addresses? I only ask as WP put your post to one side for Approval which it should only do for comments from new posters/email addresses.

    Julian – well, it’s certainly more enthusiastic! Yeah, I see where you’re coming from. What kind of sad knacker gets excited about hideable sidebars…? Oh. That would be me.

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