A picture of the TARDIS as taken at BBC Wales ...
Pic taken by Wongy. I'll never heard the end of this.

OK, it’s time to ‘fess up. I’m kind of embarassed about this and only one other person knows. They caught me at it, so it was quite hard to deny. Mind, she does it as well so at least I have someone else to feel guilty with.

I feel pretty bad about it, but I’m even doing it while I type this blog up. Thankfully there’s nobody else in, right now. Hopefully I’ve got some more “me time” before I get caught again.


OK. I’m sat in the front room and watching Doctor Who. I’m halfway through the second (recent) series and I’ve only been playing catchup for a couple of days.

There. That’s a weight off my mind. Please don’t think the worse of me for it. I’m sorry.

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Steve Jackson

You and me both…what can I say – I’m in the middle of nowhere and there was a Dr Who DVD available.

Expected to hate it – but loved it.

Doesn’t really hot up till Billie’s gone…then it almost approaches genius.


You’re positively normal, Mosher. This sad old sod has discovered episodes of the Hillbilly Bears on YouTube. Nobody I know can remember seeing them on The Banana Split Show. Now that IS a confession šŸ˜‰


Erm, I can remember them. And the Hair Care Bears. I mean, who thought up that stuff?


The most recent Doctor Who series, with Catherine Tate in as Donna Noble has surprisingly been my favourite. Great acting, super stories. Don’t be embarrassed, see there’s more of us hiding here!

Sonja Crocker

I like the one that just aired at Easter. We have been following it since the beginning. I like the 10th Doctor almost as much as the 4th one. Just when I got really into him, they announced that he was leaving. This will be his last year. Too bad. Rest assured, Rose will be gone soon. They do a few episodes where they bring Sarah Jane back. You will like those. So, just stick with it and you will find that it is worth it in the end.