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  1. Hi Mosher,

    I’m leaving this message here as I couldn’t send it via your ‘contact’ page, the verification code wasn’t there!

    I came across your blog at https://www.moshblog.me.uk today. I had a look through some of the posts on the front page, and a couple caught my eye. I especially liked ‘Do as I say’ piece as I work part time a school as a teaching assistant and I’m always thinking that some of things I Tell the kids are ridiculously contradictory. The sentence “Don’t you love how we tell kids to do things (or not do them) and then undermine the whole concept with our own actions and decision?” definitely goes through my mind a lot! I also liked the post on the film ‘In Bruges’ what a great movie that is; beautfully dark, charming and hilarious at the same time, Farrell is immense in it.

    Anyway, my query. When I’m not busy marshalling around excited 8 year olds on a Monday morning, my other job is helping with the running of a mobile broadband consumer advice site called Mobile Broadband Genie (http://mobile.broadbandgenie.co.uk). I wondered if you might like to have a look around the site and see what you think. I thought you could perhaps write a brief review if you found it useful. Alternatively we’d be happy to write a short guide to mobile broadband which you might like to feature on your site.

    Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. If you have the time please have a look around|Mobile Broadband Genie and get back to me with your thoughts,

    Look forward to hearing back from you,

    Kind regards,

    Joe Linford
    Mobile Broadband Genie

  2. Hey Joe,

    One or two people have mentioned about the verification code and I can’t pinpoint the problem – you may need to ensure that Javascript is enabled for the page. As nobody’s ever got back to me when I’ve suggested that I assume it solves the problem!

    Thanks for the message and taking the time to browse the blog. It’s only fair I have a look at your site in return! I’m always glad to see unbiased consumer advice sites (moneysavingexpert.com is a favourite) as it takes a lot of the effort our of dealing with companies, and they can help save money.

    Expect a quick post in the next couple of days. I am currently *buried* in lesson plans and other coursework.

  3. We had a two minute silence at work, start and finish signified by the fire alarm. Silence I believe, isn’t just about not speaking. It’s about not making any noise, which the fat tosser sitting behind us in the IT department, tapping furiously and loudly on his keyboard failed to realise.

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