I am a toy!

Gogos Mosh
This is me! Apparently.

Not content with Nokia ripping my “name” off for a rather naff online sharing site and Yahoo! pinching it for a failed social networking project (see this old post),  life has dealt me another unworkable copyright wrangle.

I just spotted that one of the most desirable “GoGo’s Crazy Bones” toys is the Mosh. Available in several colours including a “most valuable” gold one that recently went on eBay for the astounding sum of £2.44.

I am feeling as if my name is being sadly devalued. What next? An Eminem song?

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4 thoughts on “I am a toy!”

  1. i am a wind up toy in an up down world
    if you leave me alone ill make a mess for sure
    ive a heart of gold in the smallest size
    leav e me in the dark you will never hear me cry

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