National Van Hire – resolution

A couple of weeks ago I sent a 6-page letter of complaint to National Van Hire (a.k.a. EuropCar) regarding a huge mess they made of a rental on January 9th. After giving up on getting a reply, I rang them today. It seems they “received” (i.e. logged) the letter on January 27th, fully 8 days after I posted it. The chap I spoke to said someone would call me back this afternoon.

Several hours later and someone did. They admitted that it had all been a complete mess and that what happened simply should not have happened. The booking that we’d been told had been cancelled hadn’t been, or at least there was no indication on the system that this was the case.

The van sat outside which we were told was “too big” should have been rented to us. Standard practice if a rental can’t be fulfilled due to vehicle shortage is to upgrade. Although not ideal, it would have meant getting a van while there was still daylight and over three hours before we were actually supplied with one.

Methinks the Dundee manager may be in for a bit of a roasting. However, Jonathan from Stirling will receive the praise he deserves. I was assured of both.

In addition, the entire cost of the rental was refunded (the incorrect cost as they overcharged), plus £30 to cover costs plus £40 in vouchers in the hope we’d use them so that they could prove they weren’t always a shower of useless halfwits.

I think I’ll pass the vouchers on to someone else…

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Great they got back to you… it was extremely weird they wouldn’t just give you the van that was already there!


Good to hear that there was a happy ending to your story!