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Just a couple of links to things that may interest people:

I’ve told loads of people in the past not to install more than one anti-virus solution at a time. They get in each other’s way, slow the system down and generally create a mess. Well, Immunet’s different. It’s very low footprint and is happy alongside quite a few existing products which boosts your protection – they recommend Norton, AVG, McAfee and Microsoft Security Essentials.

The other difference is in how the product works. You don’t download updates all the time, but do need to be connected to the internet. The “virus archive” is stored online in the cloud, shared by all users. This way if a new virus is discovered, all users are notified instantly.

Any new programs which are installed are checked online before the installation proceeds. This will help protect against spyware sneakily installing itself and nips potential problems in the bud.

I’ve just installed it and will see how it runs. Oh, and it’s Windows-only. I’ve no idea if they’re planning a Mac or Linux port.

A great site for some beautiful artwork. There are 650 free desktop wallpapers on this site, and the “low-quality” versions are available to download in a variety of resolutions. If you want high quality you can buy a subscription, which at the moment is on a special deal – lifetime for $19.99.

Having said that the so-called “low quality” ones are stunning. Definitely worth checking out to spruce up your PC.

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