YouTube does 3D!

And, no, it’s not a fake. Check out the video below – though clicking through to the site proper may be your best bet. There’s a drop-down beneath it which gives many options for different 3D standards/methods including “cross-eyed”. Not the healthiest way to view 3D but it does work if you cross them just right.

The full page for the video is here. Unfortunately, there’s no option for the RealD 3D glasses I have from the cinema. Shame!


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almost witty

Works quite well with those 3D glasses that were given away for Channel 4’s 3D week, if you set the YouTube to amber/purple…

David Muir

I can’t get the cross-eyed method to work at all… but then not sure what to do exactly. Are there instructions somewhere? However, the red/cyan version works reasonably well.

I remain unconvinced that 3D will be the next big thing that the industry tells us it will be. All this faffing about with glasses or going cross-eyed is more trouble than it’s worth when you just want to sit down and watch something. I can see it would be useful for some niche applications, e.g. product design, or perhaps some games but not for general entertainment.

However, I’ve been wrong before… for example, I still don’t have the personal jet pack that I was conviced I’d have by the year 2000!