National Express – thank you

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A good response from NE

To follow on from my earlier post, I spoke to my mum last night and a letter/cheque arrived from National Express with a full refund. I was about to get all shirt with them as they never replied to my emails!

I can’t complain, I suppose. Again, they were acting within their terms and conditions but as an act of good faith to a whinging old fart they’ve done well.

So – thank you National Express.

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2 thoughts on “National Express – thank you”

  1. Great result and well done to National Express for thinking about the customer. Too few companies do this in my opinion, unless threatened with the national press.

  2. True enough. Only fair that I pop up a mention for them for dealing with it. Actually, I should link from the original article, too. [pops off to edit]

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