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I’ve found over the last few months that I’m struggling to write, or at least to write well. Where I used to be able to rattle off a few hundred words without a problem, making full us of what used to be a pretty vast vocabulary I’m now finding myself dribbling out stilted, dull prose.

Whether this is down to a lack of reading, a focus on reviews (on the Moshville Times page), lack of sleep, or whatever else,  I don’t know. But given that I had a couple of short stories published only a couple of years ago, I’m finding it a little annoying.

So I’m setting myself a challenge. Not a New Year’s Resolution – I don’t do them – but something to try and help me dust off the writing skills.

Time allowing, I want to rattle something off every day and put it up here. Something harking back to ye olde days of this fine blog. I appreciate nobody reads blogs any more, which actually helps as no bugger will embarrass me about this. So maybe some rants, some short fiction, some mental splatterings or some utter nonsense. Anything to get the right neurons firing so I’m happy with my writing again.

The one thing I’m happy about is that I already have a few ideas. I just want to flesh them out – and in a time limited style a la Nanworimo on a smaller scale.

Feel free to comment or ignore.

4 thoughts on “Getting the mojo going”

  1. I also have the problem with writer’s block or just crummy writing. I have written several short stories and I am working on a novel at the moment. I am also working part time in retail. I know – excuses, excuses. Anyway. I just wanted to say I love your blog. Is it OK if I reblog a post or two? I love your post on ping-pong balls. Maybe you will get my writing mojo going again.

  2. Repost away, just pop a link back to here – the same with pretty much anything I have online.

    Got a lot going on at this end as well which isn’t helping… well, anything really. But it seems I’ll have more time for writing soon anyway :-/

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