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This daily post is all about something that makes me smile or cheers me up each day. A couple of weeks back I woke up with double vision. I bounced from optician to casualty to Gartnavel to the Beatson, getting seen by doctors, consultants, optometrists, ophthalmologists and MRI technicians. I even had dinner bought for my by a very attractive young doctor (which is how I’m phrasing “she left me with a sandwich as I’d not eaten for six hours” because it makes it sound ever better).

I’ve been given glasses to help with the problem, had a couple of blood tests and been put through an MRI scan, just to cover all the bases. The staff have been, without exception, friendly, helpful, uplifting, cheerful and – simply – brilliant.

All of this has cost me nothing. I’m not one penny out of pocket. If anyone thinks the NHS isn’t worth what we put into it then they’ve never had to use it.

Thank you to all the staff I’ve dealt with so far, and to everyone else out there who works in the NHS!

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