2019 Pic 160

Took the kids to see the Wallace & Gromit Musical Marvels show today and it was brilliant. Not too long (90 minutes with an intermission), funny, well-performed, genuinely family-friendly (fun for kids and grown-ups)… just great. A fantastic afternoon’s entertainment, though the show we caught was the last-but-one so you’ll have to wait to see if it comes out again if you missed it.

The first half was a mixture of original animation on a big screen with the orchestra and presenter interacting with it. A couple of covers of well-known songs (including some headbanging alpine horn players) and some comedy made for an enjoyable 50 minutes or so. After the break we were treated to The Wrong Trousers with all the music performed by the orchestra. The acoustics in the venue really worked and it was simply superb.

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