2019 Pic 164

Yeah, maybe at first glance an odd one for me to pick given that it’s flowers and I’m a big scary heavy metal dude who drinks testosterone for breakfast. It’s a piece of art by a friend of mine, Fiona Calder, who I met probably more than a decade ago now when we were both backpacking. She’s a “jobbing” artist so creating things like this is her way of earning a living and I actually do like art. Specifically I like detailed artwork with tons of intricacy (my favourite comic artists are the likes of Massimo Belardinelli, Geof Darrow, and whoever makes Where’s Wally), and Fiona’s work has that in spades. This piece took her, and I quote “forever to do”.

I also have a massive appreciation for people who have a talent I just can’t master. I’m no artist, and it would take me a phenomenal amount of patience to get even close to this standard. People who can speak multiple languages, also, and instrumentalists (I do not have a musical ear!).

Fiona’s work is for sale as prints, cushion covers, on mugs… you name it, she’ll help pay her rent if you buy it! Her website is at https://www.fionacalderdesigns.co.uk/ and she’s also recently impressed Whistlefish enough for them to sell her prints.

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