2019 Pic 195

When you get home, aching and bruised. You finally take your groin guard off after 13 hours. You shower and realise that a) you’re sunburnt and b) you actually have no skin left on your elbow. And you have tons more memories after the weekend.

Having your eldest stay over the night (which she rarely does) and having such a good time with her. The weather being so bloody good (apart from 5 minutes on Saturday). Everyone at the Krav Summer Camp being so damn wonderful. Training for several hours on the heights of Arthur’s Peak in Edinburgh. Popping into the Commonwealth Pool for a sneaky pee at the start of the Sunday (it’s very swish). Sweating like twenty Gary Glitters in Mothercare, yet feeling like you could still give it more. Learning so much from beginners and experts alike.

Do Krav. Meet awesome people. And kick them in the junk.

Thanks to everyone at Rencounter Krav Maga for an absolutely superb Summer Camp!

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