Sir Bobby Robson – a perfect gent

Wise Counsel. A Man of real Talent, Class and ...
Bobby - R.I.P.

Never met him, wish I had, never will.

I just returned from a week on the Gili Islands with next to no interet access. I fired up as I do when I check the web for the first time each day and the sad headline faced me – Sir Bobby Robson R.I.P.

At 76 there’s no denying he had a good innings, especially given the numerous fights he had against cancer. I still think the way he was offloaded by Newcastle United was horrendous, yet I don’t recall him making any bitter comments in the press. He did as well for us as anyone could have hoped at the time, and he got England as far as anyone has since the 1966 World Cup.

I’d honestly be amazed if anyone had a bad thing to say about the man.

As I said, I didn’t know him. But I’m still going to miss him. The world needs more nice people and it’s lost an amazingly nice one with this sad passing.

[His legacy lives on, however. Please consider a donation to the incredibly worthwhile Sir Bobby Robson Foundation]

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Depression‘s a bad thing.

Everything sucks. Then it sucks that it sucks. Then it sucks that it sucks that it sucks. Then you think, “What the hell – it’ll be OK”. Then five minutes later you’re thinking, “But what if it isn’t?” and the whole spiral starts again.

It doesn’t matter what you do, your mind starts circling. Nothing seems to have much point, but you go ahead and do it anyway.

Even if you’ve been through it before and know that things will be fine some time later on, it doesn’t help. It’s now that counts. Because it’s now that you just want to curl up and let the world pass you by. Only you can’t as that’s giving up and you have to put a brave face on it for everyone else.

Not having a good day. Or week. Or forseeable future.

Tomorrow I shall be with my little cousin. That, right now, is about the only thing I reckon that will genuinely take my mind off things. She’s the most amazing kid and I love her more than life itself. On the downside, I think she wants to go and see 17 Again. Ick.

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I removed the post I just put up as someone closely-ish involved informed me it would only be more upsetting to the person most closely associated with it.

Suffice to say I may be quiet for some time. I’ve done something I regret to a depth I cannot put into words and it’s cost me possibly the most important thing in my life.

Please don’t ask what. If I want to talk, I will email people or catch them on MSN. This matter is entirely my own fault. I made a stupid, stupid mistake and I have to live with the consequences. I hate myself and I feel sick. Otherwise I’m pretty much numb.

T-Shirt Hell is ******* off

Geocaching T-shirts
These t-shirts aren't rude enough

Apparently not due to the recession, the person behind T-Shirt Hell has decided to call it a day, which is a shame as I always keep meaning to buy more of their stuff. Espcially since the import restriction on good was raised above the frankly, pointless £18 limit a couple of months ago.

However, I do still have quite a few shirts on my wish list. So if you fancy getting me some natty new wears for when I get back home in June, I’d not say no to a handful of them…

If some of you are daft enough to chuck some cash my way via a dodgy t-shirt shop run by an apparent racist homophobe with a child porn fetish, then “thank you” and please remember to update my wish list so that someone else doesn’t buy the same one!

Hey, it’s worth a shot…

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