2019 Pic 121

First pack ready to go back to the SQA. Only I don’t know where to take it as they’ve redesigned their website since the paper instructions were printed, so the page with the drop off points isn’t where it used to be. Because of course. I’m also trying to figure out why I was sent four large packs, but only been given three bags to send them back in…

2019 Pic 115

More of a relief than a happy moment. This took a lot of grind. What’s pleasing is that I spotted two things that the people who’d marked the reference scripts had missed… So I was within tolerance for every script I marked (and bang in the middle in every case), and in two instances my inaccurate final mark was down to¬†someone else.

Right. Now to start marking the 190 that actually matter. At least I feel confident that I’m going to do a good job for the 190 candidates I’m marking.