Should we egg him on?

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Ammunition, not foodstuff

Oh joy of joys. Much as I don’t tend to follow the violence route, it was a giggle to see Nick Griffin being egged by protestors outside of Parliament today. His petty bleatings afterwards that they weren’t allowed to protest against recognised political parties (erm… yes they are, Nick) only overshadowed by the way he ran away like a scared bunny.

I don’t like Labour. I don’t like John Prescott. But I do still admire the guy for sending a very impressive punch into the jaw of the guy who egged him on the election trail a few years back.

Nick (or, as far as he’s concerned, his bodyguards) then proceeded to drive at two of the protesters who are now in hospital. According to Griffin, it’s their fault for getting in front of his car. In the same way that WWII was the Jews‘ fault. Not that any of them were killed – not according to Griffin the Holocaust-denier anyway.

Oh, yes. And let’s not forget his claims that the protest was funded and organised by the Labour Party. And supported by the rest of the political system. And that the police were ordered to stand clear and not interfere.

Of course there is absolutely no evidence of this whatsoever. Griffin can’t seem to get it into his strangely-shaped skull that people are capable of despising him and what he stands for entirely on their own. They don’t need organised political aid to realise he’s a fetid little rat.

Mind you, we are talking about the BNP – the party who, a week ago, claimed their web servers had been hit by one of the largest DoS attacks ever organised. Which was not even an exaggeration, it was simply plain wrong. Evidence points to a cockup at the server end or simpy that the system couldn’t cope with an increase in demand very shortly after their pathetic party political broadcast had just been on television.

I swear, the BNP are more paranoid than a room full of conspiracy nuts high on marijuana who happened to be in a certain tunnel in Paris when a certain car crashed.

Nick, it’s not paranoia when everyone really does hate your guts.

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Democracy FAIL

Democracy FAIL
Democracy FAIL

You know, it’s sad to waste a vote by not using it. It’s even sadder to throw it away on something you know nothing about. But it’s disgraceful to use it to support a cause that tens of thousands of people lost their lives fighting against so recently.

Somehow the BNP gained three council seats and two European Parliamentary seats in the recent election. What a travesty. Fat Hitler and his little SS youth now get a say in how our country is run. I don’t think some people realise exactly how much influence Europe has over the laws that end up controlling our country. And thanks to the nigh-on one million people who voted for them, these jumped-up fascists are going to help shape (or more likely warp) them.

I heard a couple of soundbites on the BBC earlier and they pretty much summed up what I honestly believe make up the entire BNP voting contingent: protest-voters who just didn’t think, and the racist brain-dead brigade.

The former:

“I just wanted a change after all the rubbish our government have been giving us recently. All the expenses stuff and the economy – we just need to go in a completely different direction.”

Not the exact wording (sorry, I was in the car), but spoken in a forthright “I’m being interviewed for the radio, hear me roar” kind of manner. Someone who wanted to sound like they’ve done the right thing… and they haven’t. Yes, we need to kick the government into touch. Yes, we realise the Conservative Party are just as bad… but there’s “going in a different direction” and there’s “throwing away our dignity”.

This is the political version of cutting off your nose to spite your face. If the council says you can’t build a 10′ high fence round your property, you don’t put a minefield in as an act of protest. You find a middle ground. See how far you can go – maybe 6′. Then paint it bright green with pink flowers. That makes a point without causing your poodle to explode when it goes out for a pee.

Category two was just unreal. The woman quoted honestly sounded like she had to think really hard to remember to breathe – incidentally something I doubt she used her nose for. At least her windows at home would be clean. I reckon she licked them on a regular basis:

“It’s cos of the white British workers, innit? It’s just not fair. There’s no jobs for them and it’s not fair. I mean, it’s just not fair is it? Havin’ no jobs for white people. It’s not fair!”

The last three words delivered with as much a petulant whine as when my little cousin didn’t want to come in for dinner yesterday. Only she wasn’t incorrectly blaming every non-white, non-British person for the unfairness.

So the two main sets of BNP voters – the disillusioned and the deluded. Person A, I don’t think realised exactly how filthy the option he chose was. Person B, I don’t think realised how to spell “X” and had to get help in the voting booth.

Still in any doubt as to the “calibre” (oh, how loosely I use that term) of the rancid filth who now have a toehold (and an income from) one of our major governing bodies? Well, have a read about Andrew Brons, the BNP MEP from Yorkshire and the Humber. Aren’t you glad that we’re now partially represented by a man who believes that bombing synagogues is a great idea apart from the fact that it wouldn’t be good PR? Well done, Yorks and Humber.

What’s perhaps worst is that all of this could have been avoided if only recent governments had done their job. Immigration is a huge issue and something that concerns the public in general. However, it’s an issue that’s been at best ignored and at worst just messed about with like a plaything over the last few years.

I’m sure I’ve stated here and I will continue to do so – I am not against immigration. We’re a nation of immigrants. We’d be a poorer country without it, and these days to some extent we need it. Courtesy of bottom-feeders like Voter B above, we have estates full of drug-addled scum who have no interest in working a day in their lives. So foreigners get the work. Qualified dotors from India and Sri Lanka take medical positions. Poles pack envelopes. Chinese people collect mussels (OK, maybe not the best example).

But the thing is – good on them. Because they’re prepared to work. Imagine how hard it is to get a medical degree in the UK with loans and so forth behind you. Now imagine how much harder it must be in, say, Sri Lanka (which incidentally has a very highly-regarded medical school). I’d happily be treated by a doctor from Colombo. Just because the guy’s skin is a different colour doesn’t make him a poor GP.

Given the tax burden the government has been building up on high earners in the UK, we’ve suffered a brain drain. IT contractors left in a mass exodus around ten years ago as they flocked to the US. They had to be replaced from somewhere. Other high earners will follow. If it means filling the gaps with Indians or Americans or Aussies or Thais, I don’t care. If they’ve worked hard enough to be qualified then they’re good enough.

They’re people.

Another issue which has caused anger is positive discrimination and this is something I also have a severe dislike of. However, once again, this is a policy issue that needs addressed. It is not a race issue. There are two situations – one where non-British or non-whites actively take advantage (“play the race card”) and those where it happens unwittingly.

An example of the latter first. There are three candidates for a position. Two score 80% in exams, one scores 75%. But he’s coloured and the “rules” state that there must be a certain quotient of coloured people in this position so he gets the promotion. This guy may not even know about this. He just knows he sat the exams, passed and got the pay rise. As such, how is this his fault?

The thing is, this isn’t just a race issue. It happens across the gender divide as well. Plainly put, it’s wrong. An example I give is that I don’t want a blind one-legged black woman climbing a ladder to rescue me from a burning house because government policy states that the local force had to hire a disabled coloured lesbian to balance the minority books. I want the best, most able person they have doing the job – whatever they look like and however their parts fit together.

On the other hand, we have – as I put it earlier – the “race card” crowd. These people I do take issue with but again it’s because we let them, but it’s not every single non-white who’s guilty of it. The problem is, we’ve become too soft. By shouting “you’re only arresting me because I’m black!” as you’re dragged off for punching your girlfriend in the street (or for assaulting a traffic warden, as happened a few years ago in Bradford) you’re being an idiot. You’re making your own people look like fools.

But the worst part of this is that it works. We back off. We’re scared of causing an upset. Why? By being lenient we’re saying “hey, it works” and the problem perpetuates.

Everyone should be equal in the eyes of the law. This means punishing people for the same offences in the same way, regardless of colour. If someone told you that you could get off with a warning by claiming you were only arrested for being ginger, or overweight, or wearing a particular football shirt would you go for it? Of course you would. Well, by being lenient to avoid being called racist, we’re sending out the same message to non-whites.

The thing is, not all of them will use it. Unfortunately, the few who do give their entire community a bad name. It’s like saying every white kid who wears a hoodie is a junkie who wants to steal your cash and happy-slap you. It’s just not true.

We don’t need to treat Asians, South Asians, Africans, etc as different. That’s what’s caused the problem. Equality means making things equal. Not trying to redress a perceived imbalance by tipping the scales in the opposite direction. If we don’t positively discriminate and a group complain too much – and in an illegal manner – come down hard on them. If they don’t like it then they are welcome to “go back where they came from”.

However, if people are prepared to live by our laws, to speak our language (another belief of mine – live long term in a country, learn the language) and to work for a living then I don’t give a damn where you’re from. Welcome. Live here. Work alongside me.

On the other hand, if you want to proclaim your hatred for other people because they look different, or because they’re taking a job you’re too lazy to do – get the hell out of my country.

This means you, Nick Griffin. You and all the white trash sucking up our tax money with free accommodation because we’re too soft to tell you “no”.

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A vote for the BNP is a vote for him

The BNP - they worship my cock
The BNP - they worship my cock

It’s European Parliamentary election day in the UK tomorrow. If you’re thinking you won’t bother voting, I’m begging you – at least pop down to the local centre and pop a piece of paper in the box to help prevent the BNP gaining any territory.

With the mess the incumbent government have made, it’s easy to want to get rid of them. The Tories and Lib Dems have also had their fair share of dodgy MPs as far as the expenses thing is concerned. But that’s no reason to turn to fascism, racism and – eventually – a divided nation and a divided Europe.

Think before you cast a protest vote. Think not about who you’re protesting against but also who you could be lending your support to. And then think if they really deserve it.

My grandad fought so that Hitler wouldn’t take over our country. It would be an insult if you supported a party comprised of many little wannabe Hitlers.

I don’t care who you do vote for. Just don’t vote for this filth.

Don’t believe they’re racist? Then check out the following:


Don’t believe they’re cunning, and that they haven’t changed despite their slightly glossier new look? Check this one – at least they’ve learned how to use “spin”:


There are loads more videos on YouTube and plenty of other sources out there.

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Clear Channel and the BNP

Nick Griffin at American Renaissance Conferance
Spot the smug racist

Clear Channel are an advertising company. They have chosen to accept money from the BNP and provide advertising space for them in the run-up to the European Elections. I would urge anyone to get in touch with them via the email addresses, snailmails and phone numbers on this page and inform them that you will be boycotting any and all other companies who use Clear Channel as their advertising partner.

I note that the name of the PA to the Regional President is somewhat non-British. I wonder how they feel about their employer providing advertising for the largest group of organised racists in Britain?

While I am all for free speech, any company has the right to decide where they want to get their money from. In a way, that’s them using their freedom of expression. A publisher doesn’t have to print a book decrying Islam should they choose not to. Likewise I’d not expect a printers run by and for Christians to print copies of Anton LaVey‘s Satanic Bible. In the same way, Clear Channel did not have to accept the BNP’s cash in exchange for advertising space.

All it takes is a quick email to let Clear Channel know that people aren’t exactly pleased.

I did get a (form) reply back regarding this so it seems they must have had a few emails already. I do thank them for the response, and I can accept their viewpoint that every party has a right to be heard and advertised at the standard rates. Where my view would differ, though, is that a party is not a normal customer. It has certain viewpoints and beliefs which it stands for. To help them express those beliefs shows either some agreement by the advertising company(I am not saying this about Clear Channel)  or – alternatively – an attitude whereby they don’t mind as long as money’s coming into the coffers.

While all political parties have a legal right to be heard, no company is obliged to accept that advertising. By refusing to be a part of the BNP’s campaign, Clear Channel could have made quite a statement.

If Clear Channel had not accepted the advertising budget, I’m sure someone else would have. It’s business after all. I just find it sad that cash is coming before principles, as is all too common in the world today.

If you’re not aware of the BNP, how about the following as some recent zingers from their membership?

“Rape is simply sex. Women enjoy sex, so rape cannot be such a terrible physical ordeal… [it] is like suggesting force-feeding a woman chocolate cake is a heinous offence.” – Nick Eriksen

“I honestly don’t hate asylum seekers – THESE PEOPLE ARE COCKROACHES and they’re doing what cockroaches do because cockroaches can’t help what they do, they just do it, like cats miaow and dogs bark.” – Mark Collett

“This wicked, vicious faith has expanded from a handful of cranky lunatics about 1,300 years ago, to it’s now sweeping country after country before it, all over the world. And if you read that book (the Koran), you’ll find that that’s what they want.” – Nick Griffin on Islam

“A FRIENDLY DISEASE because blacks, drug users and gays have it.” – Mark Collett on AIDS

“WHITE WORKING CLASS SCUM will be swept away by a future BNP government.” – Simon Smith

Actually, if the last one means “chavs” or “BNP members” then I can kinda see the appeal.

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Seriously, what is this country coming to?

The flag of the United Kingdom (3:5 Army version).

Or, perhaps, what has it already gone to? I’ve only been back her a week or so and I’m sick of the place already. Don’t get me wrong, life up in Perth with the folks is laid back and relaxed. But there are things which just don’t feel right and news stories that are driving me nuts.

A daft one to start with. All of the bins along the main road into Perth have been removed. If there’s somewhere you expect to see a bin, it’s by a bus stop. They’ve all gone. So rather than pay someone to empty them, someone’s decided that they’ll just take them away. Maybe they’ll be replaced, but I doubt that very much. I might look into this and see if the council have an answer.

[Update: the bins are back – new ones. So only bad planning, not a removal of a public service]

Then there’s a budget and the general economic mess. Gordon Brown refusing to apologise and people making more fuss over some potential letters to “smear” some other sleazeballs. As if we don’t have enough problems without parlimentarians calling each other names. Pathetic. I wouldn’t trust these overgrown schoolchildren to cook their own dinner, let alone run a country.

The decision to only allow about 100 Gurkhas to apply for residence is a complete disgrace as well. We hand out millions each year to lazy, good-for-nothing, workshy filth who can’t even be bothered to look for a job… and turn our backs on people who fought for our country every bit as bravely as any British soldier. Disgusting. I don’t think there are words strong enough for me to describe how repugnant we must seem to push them away as we are.

If we’re bothered about “thousands” of people trying to move here then the solution is simple. Check their military record and if they were a Gurkha, let them in. And stop giving money to the chavs who just spend it all on drugs, booze, fags, crappy gold jewellery and Sky TV. Let those ******** starve until they find a job. That’s not what these brave men fought for, nor my grandad, nor anyone else.

And a final one. Just one incident, but similar things have happened before, and recently. A young girl, 11 years old, shot while queuing for an ice cream on Merseyside. The shooter described as being about 16 or 17 years old. Shot her then cycled away.

What. The. ****.

I am so thankful she seems to be OK as far as shooting victims go, but it just staggers me that something like that can happen in this country. An isolated incident, a one-off by a loony.. OK. But this kid was part of a gang, and it’s happened in the past. How can this keep happening?

In a week that’s seen St George‘s go by with barely a blip outside of some mentions on Twitter and the like, I should have been proud – for a day – to be English. Instead, I’m ashamed. Not to be English as such. But of the state my country has fallen into.

Yes, I know England‘s just one part of Britain but I see myself as both English (born) and British (bred). They are, to a large extent, one and the same to me. And I’m saddened at the state I find both of them in now.

Is it too late to dig ourselves out of this hole? I genuinely think it is, short of some kind of major upheaval in the social and political systems of this country. We need someone in charge who’s not afraid to strip away the last 40 years and get back to some serious basics. Strip people of a lot of their “rights” (criminals, chavs, filth who run our streets, politicians…) and make people realise that they can’t get away with this any more.

Because right now they can. And will. And do.

And that’s just not good enough for my country.

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