Student Loans Company fax details

Hopefully this will gravitate its way to the top of a Google search somewhere as it’s potentially quite useful.

I managed to get hold of someone at Student Loans and they confirmed that it’s also possible to fax details back to them. The number (indeed the option to fax them) isn’t mentioned anywhere on the letter they send out. The fax number I received isn’t on their web page (that I can find) although there are numbers listed which don’t match it.

So, in case it’s of any use, the fax number for sending deferment details back to the Student Loans Company is: 0141 810 1844. Obviously you’ll need the +44 or 0044 country code in front if you’re outside of the UK.

I may be a while…

Apologies to those of you waiting for posts or to catch me on MSN / Skype. I’ve just been sooooo busy the last week or so I’ve not had the time. MSN hasn’t even been clicked on because if I do, I know I’ll end up talking to people instead of getting stuff done.

I will continue to update when I’m in Chamonix around work. I know I have web access because I’m in charge of it… I just don’t know what my spare time will be like and so on. Do stay tuned and do continue to email – I always reply!

Warning – Friday 13th

1) Dawn, thinking of you today. Best wishes and I look forward to seeing you Lumpy-less when I get home! I still can’t get over the name of the surgeon…

2) Never ever send emails to ex-partners who you’re still crazy about when you’re tired, stressed, drunk and it’s Friday 13th. Sod’s law that Lou decided to finally reply to one of my emails last night. I daren’t even re-read what I sent her back but I have a horrible feeling I won’t be hearing from her again.

And I’m not usually superstitious.