Still In Nigeria… Just

Heading home tonight. Hopefully the weather won’t turn like it did last night. The rain and wind were so strong that both windows literally had water running down them… on the inside! On the right, the water was streaming down the wall about an inch from the plug for the aircon, which could have got interesting.

Thankfully, a laptop with a working battery and two Futurama DVDs saw me through the occasional blackouts. Oh, yes. And I was working hard on site documentation as well… Mind, it’s hard to type up your notes when you can’t actually see them! Aside from when the less-than-occasional lightning flash brightens the room.

Apparently, planes fly out in all weather so I should be OK. Apparently I need to shoot off from here at 6pm to get to the airport within the hour. Seems a little early as the flight’s not until 23:40 and my tickets and boarding passes will already have been sorted.

I just hope they have food at the airport as I’m starving. Lunch arrived prompt at 12:30 and it’s the first thing all week I’ve not been able to eat. Ham sandwich fine. Ham sandwich with some kind of evil spread not fine. I’m sure 95% of the rest of the world would wolf it down and compliment the chef, but I just can’t face it – and I can’t risk being ill in case I chuck up my malaria tablets.

Hey ho. One can of Coke for lunch… Something else I noticed here. Coke tastes the same, but Fanta Orange is a lot sweeter and gloopier, with less fizz. It also turns your spit bright orange for *hours* afterwards, even if you brush your teeth and gargle. Weird.

Add to that, the person I’m supposed to see at 2:30 for a meeting went for another meeting at 2:00 and hasn’t been seen since… I’m in a bit of a bind! Finished the further site documents I had to do and am now sat waffling this stuff off! Must thank Nikki for taking the time and trouble to have a conversation by email with me. I’m sure her company appreciates it too 😉

I suppose my main disappointment this time round in Nigeria has been the lack of wildlife. We just got here before the rainy season last time (end August / beginning September) and the lizards and dragonfiles were everywhere. This time I’ve seen three lizards altogether. Got some cool photos of one, though, but it’s quite a plain one. One of these days I want pictures of the ones that look like an accident in a paint factory.

At Last!

Archive now works! After much fiddling with unhelpful setups and paths that just didn’t want to work (along with the system picking up a path to my FTP server which simply isn’t right – no idea how it did that), I’ve finally got it going.

Then I realised that I’ve posted approximately feck all so a bit of an anticlimax. Ah well. At least it works. I might post more now.


Big country, very hot, amazing storms when it rains. Yup, stuck here for another week courtesy of work. Thankfully, the people are amazing. Probably the friendliest I’ve ever met outside of Newcastle (not that I’m biased).

Thing is, there’s not a lot to do in the evenings unless you want to hit bars all the time. And that involves money. Of which I have none. Thankfully there’s satellite telly, and the Africans love their football! Hasn’t been a night this week without a match on.

As my friends will tell you, I’m a notoriously fussy eater. Amazingly, I’ve been OK here this time. Last time I came, I gave up eating after I was served a prawn curry. I don’t like seafood… I don’t like curry. I was living on biscuits.

Instead this time, I’m surviving on a bag of fruit chews I bought at Manchester airport. Only I’m finding that I’m sharing them with some teeny spiders that have managed to get into the wrappers. Little sods – they’re *my* sweets!

Anyway, home on Saturday morning (overnight flight) and I can’t wait. It’s nice over here, but you can’t beat home… with broadband!

Kill Bill Volume 1

Might as well have my 2p’s worth. Not a great film. Ignore the hype. Yeah, it’s worth seeing, but it’s by no means a classic like Tarantino’s other stuff.

What’s The Big Chin famous for? Witty, off-the-cuff dialogue. What does this film lack? Exactly. Of course, it’s got nothing anywhere near as atrocious as Storm’s line to Toad in X-Men:

Storm: Do know what happens to a toad when it gets struck by lightning…?

(dramatic pause)

Storm: … The same thing as everything else!!!!

I mean whuh?!

Anyway, Kill Bill. Sure, there are some stunning set pieces and fights, but the same could be said of the second Matrix film and it was bloody boring because that’s all it concentrated on.

No plot, little dialogue… it plays more like an Introduction than a Volume One. Mind, I’m more inclined to see KB2 than I am to see Matrix Revolutions.

Fuel Fools

Regarding expensive fuel and so forth – for those not in the UK, we’ve got a bit of an issue with the tax on petrol and diesel being somewhere around 85% of the cost. Over the last couple of years we’ve had some muppets organising go-slows and blockades to try and cost the fuel suppliers money. As if that’ll make a difference.

Anyway, in this morning’s news there was the following (from BBC News):


The People’s Fuel Lobby want motorists who are driving at 0830 on Wednesday to stop their vehicles for one minute.

Co-ordinator Andrew Spence said there was strong support for the protest.

“It’s looking absolutely amazing,” he said.

“We have got a lot of haulage companies on board who are planning to go very slow on the motorways.”


Note the “go very slow on motorways” bit. Yes, well done Mr Spence. Why not just piss off all the people trying to get to work in the morning. And at the same time (this is the clever bit), get them to use up more fuel as they have to drive at a slower speed? Amazing.

What got me was the last time this kind of thing happened, he was stood at a roadside as traffic crawled past him, going on about all the horns beeping “in support”. Erm… ever considered it’s people trying to get the damn trucks to go faster so they could get to where they’re going? A beeping horn doesn’t necessarily mean support. It can also mean that said beeper is annoyed!

Amazing how blinkered some people can be.