R.I.P. Ed :(

Pussy in a tight hole
R.I.P. little fella

Before I left the UK to go travelling in 2006 I had two lovely cats. Both were adopted from other places – KK from random chav neighbours who moved house and abandoned her, Ed from a friend who had to move house and couldn’t take him with her.

Anni, being sweet and lovely, volunteered to take them both in for me while I was away. This was when I was only going to be out of the country for 6 months… and not the three-and-a-bit years it ended up being. Oops. So off I drove to deepest, darkest Cardiff to deliver them to their new carer.

That was the hardest moment before leaving the UK for me. Anni will tell you – I cried. Just before I left and I saw my cats for almost the last time Anni cuddled me and I cried. I am a soppy git, but I love my animals.

When I came back to the UK after 18 months for a short visit, I saw both of them. By that time, Ed was doing a good impression of a Manx having had to have his tail removed. We never did find out what caused the problem, but first the tip and then the whole thing had to be surgically snipped as he was suffering a lot of pain.

Anni got a new job and couldn’t look after the pussies any more. Fortunately, she found good homes for both.

Up till now, that was the story. There is, however, a very sad new chapter. And the final one for Ed.

Today his new owners found him outside, stone dead, with not a mark on him. They took him to the vet who reckons he was clipped by a car and died instantly. So thankfully he didn’t suffer.

He was a lovely cat. Never any trouble, very playful and I always missed him. I’m so sad I won’t get to see him again.

R.I.P. Ed 🙁

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More pussy

Pussy in a tight hole
Pussy in a tight hole

First off, congratulations to Anni for getting her new job. I told her anyone who interviewed her then turned her down would be mad. There’s only one downside… new job means more travel and less time to look after kitties.

So. If anyone out there fancies looking after one and seven-eighth (roughly) cats for a few months then Anni and I would be very grateful to hear from you. Houses without other pets would be best as they’re not used to dogs and the like. Also, somewhere not right by a main road or slap in the centre of the city as they do like to go out, and also don’t like being run over by big trucks.

I’m due home (for a short period…) around the end of May when my contract ends. I’ll be in Europe till late June then I’m off to SE Asia again for a couple of months. I may head home for the silly season. This could be an ongoing thing. Anni took the little loves on for a year. By March it will have been two years!

If anyone wishes to volunteer, please leave a comment or contact me. Thanks!