2019 Pic 41

It’s always a risk when you take a couple of small people into your grown-ups’ Krav Maga class. Thankfully I have nice classmates and instructors, and there’s plenty in the gym for them to play with to keep them out of the way… most of the time. They had to join in the warm-up, though. It’s not often they get to ride piggyback in full-on “touch someone else on the head” warfare!

They were good when instruction was being given as well, though I was particularly pleased when John was detailing “grab them by putting your fingers in their eyes” and Niamh giggled. We’ve taught her well.

2019 Pic 26

I’ve not been to Krav for around 2 months for various reasons, and I needed to get back into it. To push myself I opted to head to a 4-hour groundwork (grappling / wrestling) seminar. Prior to which I had the option of a regular 90-minute class. So, yes, of course I did.

Knackered, strained, bruised, scraped and feeling every one of my 45 years but glad I went. I also got to catch up with a load of people from my old club who I’ve not seen in ages, and train with Ronnie again. I do need to exercise more. And stretch. And stop eating crap.