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There’s a new mobile phone directory on the scene in the UK – 118 800. As it stands, they won’t give your number out to anyone. However, if you’ve filled in your mobile phone on any other web site, document, order form or the like then the chances are they’ve bought it and added it to the list. People can ring them with your name and be put through to you. Expect big usage by cold-callers and phone spammers.

However, you can get yourself taken off their lists. One way is to send an SMS, the other is to do it for free online. Go to this web page and fill in the details. They’ll send you an SMS with a code number. Fill that in on the page and they will remove you so you shouldn’t be bothered.

I thought we’d all gone for “opt in” rather than “opt out” in the UK as far as privacy went, but they’ve found a loophole. Often when you fill in your details to – let’s say – ensure you can be contacted if a package can’t be delivered to your front door you’re also agreeing to have the number passed on to other companies… and 118 800 are the first to go out and buy up all those lists for commercial purposes.

Nasty? Maybe, but it’s legal. Make sure you pass on the details to get everyone you know off their books.

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