The bookies won’t like this

White Xmas?
White Xmas?

Believe it or not, in the UK this paltry dusting of frozen water classes as a “white xmas”. At least, it does if the snow falls on a certain area at any point between midnight and midnight. In London, it’s a 3′ x 3′ concrete square on top of the weather centre that’s only checked once per hour. I assume therefore that if there isn’t someone up there at the right time and the snow doesn’t lie, then it doesn’t count.

Anyway, as I type this up there is the slightest of flurries outside. I suppose it counts as a flurry as I can see more than two flakes at once, but only just. So the first white xmas I can recall since I was a kid and there’s not even enough to make a snowball, let alone bury a corpse in to keep it fresh for a few days. I just hope it doesn’t get too bad and make my drive to Blackburn tomorrow too troublesome.

Actually, maybe missing the match would be a mercy.

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