Whip out your Wii-nis

Blame Chris for this one – he sent me it. It’s a game for the Wii called Super Pii Pii Brothers. It’s Japanese and as weird as you’d expect from the country that gave us Akira, tentacle rape and ****-fetishism.

Have a check of the video below. Essentially, the aim is to strap your Wii-mote to your groin with the included harness and then… well… piss into a toilet. You get bonus points for urinating on pussies (there’s that Japanese influence again). There’s even a two-player option where you can (probably) cross the streams to defeet Zuul or something.

What worries me is that I find the image of a slightly chubby American woman waving a strapped-on console remote somehow… horny.

I need help.

Oh, and if you live in the US then ThinkGeek will even sell you a copy.