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Spoiling it for the rest of us

Two cautioned over wi-fi ‘theft’ cries the Beeb. And it’s a fair call putting “theft” in quotes. After all, the UK has a lot of “unlimited access” accounts unlike Oz and NZ where people have a monthly limit. So where’s the harm? It’s not like tapping into the electric supply is it?

As the article rightly points out, if some piece of filth decides to use your wireless connection to access – for example – child porn, guess who’s door the police will come knocking on if it’s traced? OK, you’ll eventually be able to prove your innocence but only after they’ve taken all your PC stuff away for a few weeks and embarassed you.

Much as I love free internet – and I’m currently typing this up on a free connection courtesy of a cafe across the street – private users do have to be careful. If you don’t want someone using your connection, protect it. Read the manual. It’s not hard.

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