Simpsons geek

I got 9/10 on this quiz. Who’d have thunk it – twenty years on and still funny. Most comedy shows die a death after 2-3 years. Some suck after the first two minutes. Yes, The Office, Little Britain and Extras – I’m looking at you.

5 thoughts on “Simpsons geek”

  1. Chris – you have two young kids at home. That should make you feel old.

    Talia – what can I say except “HA HA” πŸ˜›

  2. nah – for me they went downhill after about the 4th season. 7/10 however. the only episode that makes me laugh consistently is the one where Homer enrols in clown college.

  3. Damo – I see a new episoide once in a blue moon, which may make a difference. If you see them every day, three times an evening, they’re bound to get jaded.

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