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News roundup

Just a few things that have caught my eye on BBC News the last day or two.

Kryptonite discovered!

How cool is this? Finding a compound/mineral that was described in a film a few months back. A shame they can’t actually call it Kryptonite as it’s not actually in any way related to the gas Krypton. Ah well.

Marathon runner battle heat

All due respect to those who took part (one year, maybe…) but I’d hardly call 21 degrees a heatwave. I was in Singapore for the marathon there last year and caught the end of it at around 9am. Despite the early start, temperatures were still higher than 21 degrees and the humidity is silly over there. The 2002 marathon had 30 degree plus heat and 80% humidity!

Maybe I’m just getting used to silly temperatures again. Between Perth, Darwin, Singapore and Hanoi I’d guess my average temperature has been in the mid 20’s.

Mind yer arse!

A warning that a good old fashioned flush lavvy (or a hole in the ground and a bucket) are all nature ever intended us to use.

Students can’t “work” condoms

I don’t know if this is funny or scary. People smart (or rich) enough to embark on a degree course don’t know how to put one on. Or think that it has holes in big enough for HIV to pass through. Or that they can wash them and use them again. OK, maybe the last one is tied to them not being able to put them on properly. Ever tried to slip one on when it’s already unfurled? It ain’t happening.

I do remember an advert at the cinema many years ago featuring a guy in his 70’s or 80’s talking about his condom. He’d even named it, though that name escapes me. When he finished with it, he’s wash it, dust it with chalk and pop it back in the box for later. It was designed like that! Things have changed and the advert was pointing out how much simpler things are these days.

Unless you’re 1/3 of the British university population. Good grief.

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