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London 2012 – already a fuckup

I suppose you’ve already seen the newly-announced logo. Isn’t it just fucking awful? On another page they’re asking for alternative designs and pretty much all of them are significantly better.

Mind you, it can’t be bad – it cost a reported £400,000. And it came from the same guy/company who cost BT £5m when they ditched their old logo and went with that guy holding the trumpet a few years back. Remember that? Nah, probably not. It was such a fuckup they ditched it after a very short while and rebranded again. Will people never learn?

The only good thing to come from this is that we beat the French to it, so we can rub it in their faces. Look – we won the games. And we’re going to screw it up. Even the logo. Our little cute Olympic character will probably be a paedophile with a speculum designed to show the arse-widening horror of living in central London these days. But the important thing is that France didn’t get it. We’re going to mess this up in a proper English fashion.

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