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Serving suggestion

Why do food manufacturers assume we’re all idiots? Is this the fault of some dipshit American (sorry to stereotype, but they are historically the first to seek money in recompense for their own stupidity) who sued Kellogg’s when they opened a box of Cornflakes and were "astounded, shocked and disappointed" not to find their cereal pre-drenched in milk and sprinkled liberally with strawberries?

The topic arises as I just saw the daftest example of a "serving suggestion" I’ve yet encountered. On a bag of Super-U crisps, the serving suggestion appears to be… to remove them from the bag. There is nothing else in the picture apart from crisps.

In a way, it makes me think that perhaps the bag doesn’t contain crisps, but instead a raw potato. Serving suggestion: remove potato from bag, slice thinly, fry and coat in flavouring.

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