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Not doing Download

Now that they’ve finally started releasing the names of the bands playing, I’ve decided not to bother with Download this year. Kerrap! seem to think they have some kind of exclusive deal with the publicists which saw them announce the other day that they would be publishing the first news of headliners at midnight. Then the third headliner would be revealed a couple of days later in mid-afternoon…

Both “exclusives” were beaten by over an hour by Metal Hammer, Total Rock News and umpteen other sites… But Kerrap! is complete shit, so that comes as no surprise.

The bands listed so far are HIM (shit), Offspring (crap live), Lostprophets (know one song by them), Rise Against (who?), Motorhead (seen ’em before), Judas Priest (seeing them at Graspop) and KISS… the only band remotely tempting me to consider a day ticket.

But I’m sure I can catch them elsewhere in Europe as they have said they’re doing more dates in the summer. Of course, nothing’s listed on their official tour page which is a bit of a pain.

Roll on Graspop. Cheaper and better bands announced so far. A shame, as Download’s a cracking festival but it wasn’t really convenient datewise for me anyway this year.

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