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Away games. And I mean *AWAY* games

What a crock of shit. The Premier League announced today that all the teams have agreed to discuss extending the season to 39 games (one extra) – that extra game to be played somewhere abroad. All the details, wheretofors and so on are included in this BBC news article, but basically… what a fucking waste of time.

The article focuses quite intently one one thing as it goes further down… the cash. This is purely and simply what it’s all about. Fuck the fans. Cities in various countries are offering a boatload of wonga and the greed-merchants want it all.

Let’s face it, Premiership football – on the whole – has been stagnant for years now. I’m not just talking about Newcastle (who have improved slightly under Keegan but have a hell of a long way to go), but all teams. Aside from the financial reasons, explain the half-empty stadia for each game. Can anyone honestly say that their team thrills and entertains them every single week without fail?

Simply put – the English Premier League is not the so-called "best league in the world", and it hasn’t been for fucking ages. It’s certainly not worth the prices we’re being asked to pay to watch it, live or on television, and it’s most definitely not worth travelling to Saudi for.

Other holes in the plan, though:

  • All games will take place on the same weekend. Some teams will travel further than others, so will be more exhausted there and upon return. Weather will affect them. Injuries and performance problems could then result, giving unfair advantage to those who’ve lucked out with a comparitively short trip to a moderate climate.
  • The top five teams will avoid being played against each other. What about the teams in relegation danger being placed against a close-running 6th place squad? While those just above them end up playing teams immediately around them? One odd game could really skew the results come season’s end.
  • Weren’t they discussing recently about reducing the number of teams in the Premiership to reduce the number of games? This adds one.
  • Look at the dates they’re planning on playing them – just after the hectic Christmas / New Year period. Thus cramming another game into what’s usually the busiest part of the season. Being January, players will still be missing for the Africa Cup of Nations (unless UEFA shifts it as they’re threatening), Carling and FA Cup rounds will still be taking place… and this when managers and chairmen have been crying out for a break around the festive period like the rest of Europe. Strange that they change their mind as soon as someone mentions it could make them a ton of cash.
  • Niall Quinn has been asked to make a comment. What’s the point? The fucking mackems won’t be in the Premiership past the end of the season anyway, the stupid wanktard.

Football doesn’t need the publicity in the way that American football does outside of its home country. "Proper" football is the world’s most popular sport, quite simply. American football is barely covered or followed outside of its own country so an exhibition match abroad is a complete novelty and bound to attract attention.

I guess it’s obvious I’m against it. FRankly, it’s a fucking stupid idea. But then, I’m not the one liable to make a few million quid out of it. It must be nice being greedy with a completely cash-centric view of live. Decisions are so much simpler.

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