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Barrymore’s as funny as plague

I was marginally amused to find out that the father of the guy found dead in Michael Barrymore’s pool was to hold a "silent protest" at his new show. Ignoring Sky News’ marginal twisting of the facts for a better All Words Capitalised As They Always Do Headline ("front row" means the row at the front – the man had second row tickets), it still doesn’t seem surprising that anyone would attend a Michael Barrymore show and not laugh. It’s not like he’s actually funny or anything.

I mean, I can’t blame Mr Lubbock for being upset. If your son had ended up in a small-scale version of post-Katrina New Orleans (only with white people and additional anal tearing) you’d be upset as well. However, I don’t see how effectively putting cash into the man you despise’s pocket is going to help. Surely putting the money towards a hitman would be a better plan?

Hell, if he wants to go for a bulk-buy discount, add the Spice Girls to the hit list and I’ll chip in a few quid as well. Oh, and Noel Edmonds.

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