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Updates and Exports

Folks, if you want to get updated when this page has new posts, there are a few ways to do so. Bloglet died a few months back, so that option’s gone. You can still look to the left there and use the “Mail me” link – I’ll add you to a list and send you […]

Government to back World Cup bid

…in 2018. Which might just give them long enough to get the new Wembley ready.

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Asbos viewed as ‘badge of honour’

Really – who didn’t see this coming. Thing is, I found it hard to get someone nailed with one. I called the police three times on the cunt I used to live next door to and they wouldn’t give him or his mates one for drug use, drug sales, spousal abuse, trespass, vandalism, […]

Telly and education

Using the disabled in adverts

I’ve seen a few of these “infomercials” over in Australia, and they’re just like the ones back home. They all seem to use the physically challenged to show how shitty the item is that their wonder-product is designed to replace.

Bagless vacuum cleaner? Show a total spacka trying to close […]

Almost a month. Sorry about that.

I have my reasons for not posting, folks. Essentially, they boil down to “I don’t feel like it”. Simply, I just don’t have the urge, the mood, the sense of humour or the outlook on life I did a couple of months ago. I’m depressed, basically. Very much so.

For updates on what’s going on, […]