Dubya defies logic once more

George W Bush’s web site is no longer accessible to browsers outside of the US (unless you use a proxy with a US-based IP address). I’m guessing this is to limit site traffic to people who can vote in the upcoming election… unless they’re postal voters resident outside of the US at present. Like, oh I dunno, the several thousand US troops in Iraq.

The best bit is the error message that appears if you try to get to the site:

If you believe you should be able to view this directory or page, please try to contact the Web site by using any e-mail address or phone number that may be listed on the www.georgewbush.com home page.

Of course, you can’t get to the email addresses or phone numbers as you don’t have permission to get to the page… Remind anyone of the old “Keyboard missing – press F1 to continue” message?

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As of this morning, it’s still fluffed but you don’t get as comprehensive a message. Just “You’re not authorized – **** off.”

Well, it may as well.


Did you know that some of his relatives have actually seen sense and set up a website as ‘relatives against him being re-elected’? Can’t remember the exact title, but can’t be that hard to find!


Hmmm… I wonder if anything happened to Kerry’s site. Have you heard who did the hacking? I am curious as to his/her motives. Seeing as the candidates are neck and neck. I think the last tally was 48%-48%. Nader actually got about 1 or 2%. I guess the rest would be undecided?

Chris Parr


Has an explanation from the website. The article also lists alternative addresses that can be used to gain access.


I’m kind of hoping the rest were too busy praying that Bush doesn’t get voted in that they didn’t answer the phone to the canvassers.


I’ve been. I got to his site. I looked. It’s crap anyway. What’s all the fuss about? The one thing I did notice was what was missing from the main page – a picture of the monkey-heided freak.


It was on the news last night. It’s because someone hacked it so went you went into it it re-directed you to another anti-bush website. I’m guessing the person that did it wasn’t a US citizen, either that or he’s so far up his own whatsit that he cant see that not every US person kisses the ground he walks on.


Would seem that the Election faeries are at work again… Lots of ballot papers have gone missing in the US, migh even be in Florida… surprise, surprise!!!