WTF happened to Kurt and Brian?!

I watched the first in the new series of Teachers last night. The pre-credit bit had the usual bunch in the pub, then popping to the cemetery to piss on Kurt and Brian’s graves.

Now, I missed about 30 seconds at the starts of the program, so maybe someone said something I didn’t catch… but what happened to them? Was it actually explained, or did they just skip over it as a quick excuse for two cast members buggering off?

Aside from that, not a bad episode but I hope it gets better. Still nicely quirky, and the fat bird is well cute. I’m starting to spend more time laughing at the background stuff than the actual script, though.

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At least when that first guy left at the end of the second series, they worked it into the story. And then brought him back as a favour when he struggled to get work on any other TV series.

It’s fairly obvious that the short guy with the blue eyes is a Kurt replacement, and the buddy-buddy thing with him and the black guy is meant to replace both of them.

Mind, I still fancy the cuddly Geordie lass. That blonde one gets less attractive with each series.


He wasn’t my type. Besides, she has bigger tits.

I am *so* mature, I know.


hehe you would, i was always a bit more partial to brian myself 😉


Hey Mosh,
no, you are lucky enough to not know me! I’m just one of those people who loves other peoples takes on things, so I regularly visit here, twenty major, scaryduck and so on, because theres always something thought provoking.
Don’t know if you remember the English teacher from the last term of Teachers, dark haired guy, with the smarmy voice, who had an affair with Penny? Well he was the third dead teacher. Still don’t know why or how.
Anyway, thanks for the welcome, keep doing what your doing, and glad you appreciate those of us with larger than average cleavage!


I could see you drooling when she was wearing the cross over top… and yes the balck guy, and short guy are defintely there to replace Brian and Kurt!
Hope they do explain though, kinda makes it all odd not knowing.


I don’t think so I watched every episode, I know it was a while ago but I’m sure I would have remembered that :s Maybe they’ll have some weird flashback thing and explain it in a future episode. It’s going to be so strange now watching it without them.


That’s the point. It didn’t say. They just weren’t there are the start of the episode and there were two graves with their names on. So I guess they’re dead but I dunno how.



There has been loads about Teachers on lowculture, and apparently Kurt, Brian and that other blokes death get explained later on in the series. I would really like to spend time in that new guy Ewans’ office, doing some punishment exercises.


Watched it all, and they didn’t mention it… I was as confused as you. Wondered if I missed something a the end of the last series???


Welcome, Gail – no idea who you are and nice to see a new face!

Yeah, I noticed there was a third gravestone there but didn’t catch who’s it was. That confused me even more!

Hey ho – role on next episode and more excessive cuddly cleavage.


What they died? eh? i missed it last night (stupid sims distracting me) So what happened to them? i don’t remember them dying


I miss Brian & Kurt


Me too Chong.

I wonder what all the posters in this thread are up to these days?


I am just watching Teachers on Netflix here in Australia. I have just watched the first episode of Series 4, and I was quite taken back when they went to Kurt and Brian’s grave stones. It showed they both died on the same day, so maybe a car accident or something? I wouldn’t be surprised with Brian’s driving! The other one who died was obviously Matt because Lindsay made a comment about peeing on the grave of someone who dumped her, and they were just getting it on at the end of Series 3. I also want to know what happened to Susan and Lindsay. They just weren’t in Series 2. They weren’t even mentioned. At least they said Simon was going to South America. It’s a bit disjointed that way. I much preferred the first 2 series best. I will watch to the end of Series 4 and see if any of my questions are answered.

Paul Gallacher

Well simon got his break in america killing zombies. TWD is awsome. Watching teachers all over again. Great series from 4


What was the idea of the donkey tho I never managed to get it
Idk, Teachers is freaking show, but they should not killed them…
Brian and Kurt didn’t deserve this end…
If the producers wanted to rid of them, then they could just sent them to Simon or something… Not killing them and some random guys pissing on their graves… Total disrespect to the characters…
Can’t enjoy rewatching it, and thinking ohh yeah, next season, guys you will be dead, haha….


I have just watched teachers for the first time ever, and come to series 4, and like all the posters in 2004 was shocked to see Brian, Kurt and Matthew die! I had just started to enjoy watching them without Simon (as a TWD fan, I was shocked when I realised who it was). I liked Brian and kurt, but had just thought at the end of series 3, I look forward to seeing Matt in series 4 too. What a blow that they are all dead! Dogs anyone find out why they all left? When I saw this post was still active i couldn’t resist adding


Fire time ever watching this series, absolutely in love with it, weird every moment especially the background stuff.

However, I watched 2 episodes of Season 4 and dropped it.
Hate the new set up, and am still pissed there was ZERO explanation given as to where Susan and Jenny went.

Delighted I found this thread (and delighted with how much love Lindsay is getting! Partial to her and her adorable gapped smile!)


Just found this post! Am watching Teachers for the second time, am struggling to get past the Kurt and Brian thing. After Susan and Jenny left it has just gone downhill. Will watch it to the bitter end but what a shame its so awful. Feels like the writers just threw anything together to get the programme out.


Currently on the final series of teachers (streaming on UK netflix) searching the internet for why / how Brian and Kurt were killed off. It seems quite lazy to just abandon their stories, as well as Jenny and Susan, who pretty much vanished. I feel like the show had a strong start but as it went on, it just didn’t do as well, which inevitably led to its cancellation. Oh well. You can definitely tell it was a different era back then


I just found this show on youtube! the whole series is there. It is not on Netflix here in the Netherlands. LOVED the first 2 seasons.. kind of enjoyed season 3 but with Simon, Jenny and Susan gone it was not the same at all. I think I will just rewatch the first 2 .. and skip season 3 and 4.


I’m going to have to look it out on YouTube, then. I’d agree. Series 1-2 were definitely the best. Three was OK, but I remember four being a bit disappointing.


Watching this again, watched when it was first broadcast back in early 00’s. I really loved the first 2 seasons, enjoyed season 3 but just couldn’t get on board with season 4. It really needed Brian & Kurt.


Just watched this series up to series 3 looking forward to series 4 and Bam! no Kurt & Brian or Matt. 4th series is rubbish and I hate the way they just killed them off randomly. It was already odd when Susan and Jenny left then JB didnt appear either. Bob is even more annoying in series 4 but at least he was quite funny up to then.


I’m just amazed / glad that people are still watching it! I need to revisit it at some point, but I’ve so much new telly to keep up with.


I decided to re watch teachers again. I can only assume the actors who played Brian and Kurt didn’t want to return to the show as they knew it ran it’s course.. the writers were probably angry with their decision so that’s why they killed off the characters and got the remaining characters to piss on their graves as a “**** you” for leaving.. well that’s my take on it as I can’t find a explanation anywhere.. oh btw season 4 is absolutely awful.


I just wanted to drop a hello on the 17 year old thread as I watch S4 E1 as well lol


I just started S4 and am shocked with the killing off of those 3 blokes. Matt had just grown on me too. I don’t know if I can, but I’ll try to stick with the show just because of how great the previous seasons were and the freedom they had on tv then. The writers really should have done a better job with explaining the disappearances of some of the other regulars though.



I watched Teachers back in the day – watched the first 2 series and then missed out on 3 & 4. It’s available to watch on ‘All 4’ which is where I’ve been watching. Watched S4 Ep1 last night which led me here. A thread that’s been going for 17 years deserves to carry on, so this is my contribution. I’ll watch Ep2 tonight and if things don’t improve, I will call it a day. Kurt & Brian will be sadly missed. And I fancied Susan by the way!


Rewatching after Bodies appeared on Netflix, which reminded me of this (cast member crossover!)

First two series are excellent
Third, from memory, is the Brian and Kurt show,
Fourth never happened. Nope

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