Bin Laden Spotted Just Before US Election Shock!

What a surprise. Just over a day before the few Americans who are still allowed to vote head for the polls and Bush’s FBI friends spot OBL kicking around in Pakistan. Now it seems plain to see that Dubya’s publicity aides think this will yank him in a few more votes.

Wheel daddy’s mate’s son out of his safe house and away from his PS/2 for a bit, plonk him on a beach or whatever so they can get a picture of him and *woo* everyone will think the world’s about to be safer and vote for the guy who’s almost caught him.

How stupid do they think the American public are? [quick check of stats] Oh. Almost half of them are backing Bush. Fair do’s. Voted him in once and looking at doing it again. That really is stupid.

Americans… you’re all mad! Well, current statistics show that 48% of you are anyway.

3 thoughts on “Bin Laden Spotted Just Before US Election Shock!”

  1. Hey it’s serious you know. Bush will probably declare a purple alert tomorrow, abandon elections to take ultimate power and declare himself king of the universe, Haaaaa… haaaa.. haa. haaaaaaa (that is the only way I could do an evil laugh with text), Haaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaa.

    And his daddy can be vice king.


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