Resting against the side, it stared at me. Daring me to go near it. A look of pure evil and a glint as it reflected the strong overhead bulb made me back off suddenly in fear and revulsion.

How was I to deal with this perilious situation in which I found myself? No weapons were within reach and to use my bare hands just wasn’t a thought worth contemplating – a horrendous fate would surely result.

Instead, I let it lie there… taunting me. It polluted its immediate environment, the stench starting to reach my nostrils. I could see patterns in the water as it leaked outwards, spreading its foulness.

I could take it no more. I reached out. And with a desperate move… I flushed.

Someone should really do something about the plumbing in this place. Far too often, I find floaters left lying in wait for me.

7 thoughts on “Monster”

  1. we had a drop of blood on the floor of the ladies in work today – nice, just what you want to see after a 1 hour teleconference with the US

  2. A drop? I’ve gone into the gents, lifted the lid and had a full-on jam-rag *STEW* floating in front of my eyes before.

    For those with strong stomachs, I can recount my Rios Toilet Tale from when I used to work bar…

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