Quiet for a while

I leave the office at 1pm today and won’t be home again until Friday night. I can’t guarantee having web access until then, so things may be quiet on here. I will attempt to do something stupid to blog about on my return or, failing that, I’ll tell you all about cleaning the loos at Rios one night.

Don’t have too much to eat before reading that one.

7 thoughts on “Quiet for a while”

  1. in that case, here’s hoping for lots of numpty drivers / speed cameras / wildly random matrix signs to distract you away from that story…

  2. It’s the A1 I’ll be on the most. I know where the speed cameras are (thankfully). There are no matrix signs. You’ll have to rely on arsehole drivers, I’m afraid.

  3. Ah, tales of the nightclub worker. Nostalgic student days earning £3 per hour serving drinks to people, only to wipe the results off the toilet floor. Hoping that extra little bit of cash will see you through to the end off the week with enough money to buy food.

    Then there is living in the house that is no way worth the £25 per week rent you are paying.

    Ahhhh….. sweet memories. He he, I remember the one where Mosh knocked on my bedroom door, and simply as a reaction I said come in. I wanted to take the words back as soon as they left my mouth as my girlfriend of the time was walking around the room topless looking for her bra. It’s a good thing looks don’t kill as she could have burned a hole in me with the one she cast my way.


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