Violent protest works

This is worth bearing in mind. If you don’t like something, just stage a violent protest and people will give up and let you have your way. Isn’t that handy? It’s like teaching our kids that screaming and kicking someone’s shins will let them have that lollipop they’re after.

The play in question was written by a Sikh woman. It was produced in association with the local Sikh community who were approached well before it began its run, and they were provided with copies of the script and a chance to feed back any concerns they had.

This they did with a level head and a fair mind. It was with their approval that the play was opened.

Yet you still end up with a bunch of fuckwits spoiling everything and – as has been pointed out – causing censorship through violence.

The playwright and cast are not the criminals, and should not be punished. The offenders were the non-peaceful protesters who should be locked up until they learn the civilised way to get your views across.

Or – and I loathe to say this as I know how it’ll come across – **** off back to their own country and do as they will. I am *more* than happy for Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, Hindus (etc etc etc etc) to live in this country. Hell, I *welcome* it as an opportunity for us all to learn more about our fellow mankind.

But they, as well as a noteable portion of the hunting lobby and everyone else with that pathetic primitive mindset, have to abide by the laws of the country in which they reside. If they don’t want to follow those laws, they can piss off somewhere else and fight each other into extinction… or voice their thoughts peacefully.

6 thoughts on “Violent protest works”

  1. I agree fully, Shame people that speak out about these idiots are then also labelled as bloody rasist!!!!!

    What is the world coming to??? lol, See I did get old quick, you must be well and truely on your way to middle age ? 😉

  2. Can I ask where were the police during all this? Were they arresting these bigoted thugs?

    If a group of white guys went round to a theatre group and trashed it for putting on a play they didn’t agree with, you can bet that their feet wouldn’t touch the ground…

    Bloody double-standards. ****-wits.

  3. Apparently three arrests were made, though what for and what happened and out of how many, I don’t know. The theatre was broken into and damage done backstage, and police were injured.

    In all, three arrests is pathetic. Regardless of their anger and viewpoint what they did was wrong on so many counts yet they’ve a) gotten away with it and b) got what they want.

    No no no NO NO!

  4. With all us non-religious types still alive and stepping voer the bodies of the nutjobs who’ve killed each other with any luck.

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