Bah humbug – poll results, new poll and stuff

Bah Humbug Cake
Bah Humbug Cake

One quick picture of a co-gift from Sharon and her mum. Mrs Sharon Senior is one of the world’s leading exponents in making very nice xmas cake indeed. Sharon iced it. The cheeky cow.

On a xmasy theme… another two-question poll. The BBC Magazine has an article about the use of “xmas” and the reasons for/against it. What are your views? The second one’s a simple one – how festive are you?

For the record, I use “xmas” because I’m not religious and, partly in deference to those who are, prefer not to refer to something I don’t believe in. I’d not expect a practising Christian to yell “Oh, mighty ALLAH!” if they banged their thumb with a hammer, for instance! Also, it’s less typing and I’m lazy.

I’ll let you all guess as what I put for question 2.

And finally, the results of the previous poll about home security and how violent we should be allowed to get with the filth who wander in and think they can nick all our stuff, rape our dogs and piss in our hollowed-out skulls. Basically, you lot seem to be closet psychopaths, but are less likely to go ahead and kill a thug even if you feel they deserve it.

You’ll learn… I can help.

Results of Home Security poll
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as an aside, ‘xmas’ isn’t necessarily offensive to christians, as it can be taken as the x, being a cross, represents christ anyway… following this logic, it’s often used in this context in other words, such as xian… which is handy for writing notes in theology lectures…


Damm, if I’d known you put a pic up I’d have made it look better! 😛


Hell, it’s only at this time of year as the Christians came along and half-inched the pagan festivals to try and assimilate the population into their new religion – so Merry Winter Solsticemas everyone!

ps. a little pearl of wisdom to impart to the kiddies as you’re decorating the tree – that shiny sparkly tinsel you’re draping over the branches is a representation of the entrails they used to use as part of the solstice rituals – but I guess they switched as gobbets of chitlin are even harder to get out of the carpet than dropped pine needles…


Nice cake….

I heard on radio 2, yes I really am that sad, that it is Xmas due to the Greek language. Xristos is the Greek word for Christmas apparently so there you go!


Now how stupid do I feel, just read the artiucle from the link and it states that in there, apologies for being dense, think I’ll go dye my hair blonde now!


whoops – forgot to say – that’s a mighty fine lookin’ cake there Sharon – is there enough for all of us?!