Poll: Which is worst?

I’ve not had a poll on the blog for years! After hearing about Ourman‘s random barging in by his landlord this morning, I just have to ask (ideally, you need JavaScript enabled):

Sorry about the pale colours. Please note that Steve wasn’t naked and wasn’t bashing the bishop when the landlord walked in… Before he sues me or sends Vietnamese mafia over to beat me up.

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Scruffy bastard smokers **** off

At first glance it seems that the poll results are very much in favour of people being able to inflict their misery on others, or at very least along the lines that there’s room for argument:

Results of Smoking Ban poll

However. By removing all the repeated voting that came in day after day from the same IP address range (i.e. one fuckwit who thought I’d not notice), we get a clearer picture of the genuine results:

REAL smoking ban poll results
REAL results of Smoking Ban poll

So. All you smokers can take your filthy habit and **** off home with it. Please leave the rest of us to kill ourselves in public in less selfish ways. And while you’re there, have a go at the new poll.

Do you wear kex?

The largest number of voters for any poll so far, I think. Possibly because it’s been up for ******* ages. I have to admit, I thought more women would go without knickers than men, but maybe that’s just in my fantasy easy-access world. Nice to know that the majority do at some time or other, though.

No real reason for the poll. I’m just nosy. And a bit perverted.

Going Commando poll results
Results of Going Commando poll

New poll

So far San Francisco, New York, France, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic have announced or already implemented a complete smoking ban in all enclosed workplaces. Wales have said they’d follow suit, but have to wait for the English parliament to get off it’s ******* ****-scared pansy-arse and make a stand instead of being a bunch of wilting ***** too scared to risk pissing off a group of selfish ******** who don’t care about killing other people with their own bad habit.

What do you think? Complete smoking ban in public across the entire UK? Or should we all be forced to breathe other people’s disease-ridden air because they’re too selfish to care and too stupid to stop?

I think my feelings are quite plain…

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About bloody time…

Yeah, yeah – I’ve been nagged enough. A new poll goes up today, but first of all the results of the last one: what do you think of black (liquorice) Midget Gems? Thing is, this has now become moot as Maynards have bought out Lion and replaced the lovely liquorice ones with ******* blackcurrant the *******. Yes, there will be a letter of complaint on its way shortly which I’ll pop up here, but frankly this is heresy. If people want blackcurrant then they can **** off and buy Wine Gums or something.

As for the poll, see below. It was a 50/50 split between those who liked and those who didn’t like them or didn’t mind them. If you want to get really finicky, there’s still 30% who enjoyed them. That’s a fair proportion. ******* Maynards. I wonder what else they make that I can boycott?

Midget Gems poll results
Midget Gems poll results

And now the new survey. I’m a nosey bugger, and I’m also lazy with my washing, so I often go commando. Balls out. Fresh to the wind, save only a single layer of cloth. Without undies. I’m just curious as to how many of you do as well, and how often. Especially women. With photographic proof.

OK, that last bit’s purely voluntary but if you feel the need then you know the address.

Go ooooooonnnn!

Also today

There was a big parade and so on in London(and Europe, I believe) to mark the end of WWII. I was channel-hopping around and caught some of the info stuff on BBC1. Apparently the first allied troop to set foot on Jersey after the Nazis buggered off was one Ronald McDonald.

I’d never recognise him from the old photo they showed (no daft shoes or big red nose), but hasn’t he done well since then?

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As promised… and some more bitties

New Vote-U-Like

Here’s the results from the last one, folks:

Results of Animaly poll
Results of Animaly poll

It seems that dogs and cats are equally liked, while almost as many people prefer to think of them as meals with the other people they like. Remind me never to mention “eating pussy” to those people.

And now the new one. I’ve got a couple and I picked this at random. I’m afraid it may only make sense to those in the UK as it refers to a particularly British delicacy – Midget Gems. In particular the proper ones from Lion with the “proper” black one. Not the shitty soft ones which are all “sugar” flavour and cost about 2p/lb. Oh, incidentally, don’t buy them from that link unless you’re abroad. Morrisons regularly bung them on 3 for 2 in big bags for a quid each.

Americans may know the black one as “liquorice” or “African-American” as I believe use of the word “black” is restricted on your shores. As is calling hard drives “slave” and “master” in California. I **** you not, that one’s true.

The question, though… do you like the liquorice one? Do you throw them all away? Eat them first? Leave them for someone else? Or are you like Brian and only eat the green ones?

Taxis getting the horn (or not)

Taxis in North Wales have been threatened with an ASBO if they use their horns to attract passengers’ attention. And they’re whinging about it, complaining they’ve never acted illegaly. If that’s the case, it makes them the only taxi companies in the entire ******* UK not to parp their bastard horn instead of coming to the door.

In fact, I heard an interview with one of the taxi company owners who’d received the warning letter (6 weeks ago – it’s only just made the news). He said that residential customers generaly are waiting for the cab so there’s no need to beep. When they go to a pub or club pickup, then a short beep is all that’s needed to get the attention of people inside.

Ah. So they do beep their horns? While parked? And not to warn other motorists of their presence? After street lights have come on? I refer Hizzonor to Section 92 of the Highway Code:

Use only while your vehicle is moving and you need to warn other road users of your presence. Never sound your horn aggressively. You MUST NOT use your horn

  • while stationary on the road
  • when driving in a built up area between the hours of 11.30 pm and 7.00 am

…which pretty much makes that guy look like a prick.

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