About bloody time…

Yeah, yeah – I’ve been nagged enough. A new poll goes up today, but first of all the results of the last one: what do you think of black (liquorice) Midget Gems? Thing is, this has now become moot as Maynards have bought out Lion and replaced the lovely liquorice ones with fucking blackcurrant the wankers. Yes, there will be a letter of complaint on its way shortly which I’ll pop up here, but frankly this is heresy. If people want blackcurrant then they can fuck off and buy Wine Gums or something.

As for the poll, see below. It was a 50/50 split between those who liked and those who didn’t like them or didn’t mind them. If you want to get really finicky, there’s still 30% who enjoyed them. That’s a fair proportion. Fucking Maynards. I wonder what else they make that I can boycott?

Midget Gems poll results
Midget Gems poll results

And now the new survey. I’m a nosey bugger, and I’m also lazy with my washing, so I often go commando. Balls out. Fresh to the wind, save only a single layer of cloth. Without undies. I’m just curious as to how many of you do as well, and how often. Especially women. With photographic proof.

OK, that last bit’s purely voluntary but if you feel the need then you know the address.

Go ooooooonnnn!

Also today

There was a big parade and so on in London(and Europe, I believe) to mark the end of WWII. I was channel-hopping around and caught some of the info stuff on BBC1. Apparently the first allied troop to set foot on Jersey after the Nazis buggered off was one Ronald McDonald.

I’d never recognise him from the old photo they showed (no daft shoes or big red nose), but hasn’t he done well since then?

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13 thoughts on “About bloody time…”

  1. I know for a fact that Maynards also make all razors and pornography. Good luck with the boycotting.

    Personally, I can’t go commando, ever. I need to wear this special harness under my trews to ensure that Goldfish Junior doesn’t get loose and start knocking houses over. Whatever you do, don’t start showing me pictures of Kate Winslet when I’m in heat

  2. Mmmm… Kaaaateee. *ahem*

    I shall have to stick to my own home-made porn and plucking my facial hairs out with tweezers then. Evil Maynards. I’d write a letter of complaint now, but I’ve already got one to KFC in the pipeline and I don’t want to come across as a whinger.

  3. Totally off topic, but i saw this film the other week with kate winslet in where she goes lesbian, then goes all crazy and kills someone with a brick in a tight, very dark but good film that I have no idea what its called.

    As for the whole liquorice thing, i think its a great idea because I hate it! Just something about the smell that makes me want to be sick, maybe I’m just faddy.

    Oh, and commando, well i alternate between thong, knickers, big granny sized overgrown thing that hold your tummy in and letting it all lose. It normally depends on what I’m wearing and if i’ve done any washing… so most of the time its commando :p But I think I’ll pass on the photo evidence bit, if you don’t mind.

  4. Caz – that would be “Heavenly Creatures”. Excellent film. Directed by Peter wossaname the Lord of the Rings bloke.

    At last a poll I understand. Seeing as midget gems are evil little buggers and the spawn of the devil.

  5. Anni, did Mosh also tell you he’d saved a pint of five of the sweat we collected for you??

    And I am sure he doesn’t mind pain… he just won’t allow me to deal it 😉

    As for commando hmm… what I wear really doesn’t constitue wearing anything underneath, unless I am going abseiling of course… then I’d have to be a little more conservative.. bloody society and it’s flashing rulings, bah!

  6. Sorry to miss the Midget Gem poll. Black = liquorice defintely. I eat them, the kids get the rest. But where’s the results graphic?

    On the commando front (should that be Y-front?) only in supportive shorts!

  7. Parroty-person: the graphic is there for all to see. At least it’s in front of me now!

    Anni: no, you may not. Meanie.

    Dawn: photo proof required!

    Caz: photo proof required!

    I reserve the right not to post the pics on the blog but use them for weird masturbatory rituals.

    Alan: Indeed, a fantastic film and astounding it wasn’t re-released on DVD to cash in on the LotR furor.

  8. Oh go on, it would cheer me up no end, and I have been a bit down recently. Also, it would make up for the dreams….

    Dawn? Oh god, please tell me he didn’t. He did, didn’t he? I suppose it could have been worse, it could have been his toenails or something….

  9. Anni – I quite like the other dream you texted me about. Why couldn’t I have been in that one? No fair! And you were the one going on about how much you liked sweat, and I happened to mention this to Dawn. And she happened to carry several empty jam jars all the way to Belgium with her…

  10. Hey, I was just bloody glad to get through the night without you sweety!

    Do I want to know why Dawn took empty jam jars with her to Belgium?

  11. Oh, and it’s *fresh* sweat, as it sweat just created by a burst of vigourous (vigorous?) exercise I like, not stale sweat. And definitely *not* sweat that’s been saved in a jam jar.

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