About bloody time…

Yeah, yeah – I’ve been nagged enough. A new poll goes up today, but first of all the results of the last one: what do you think of black (liquorice) Midget Gems? Thing is, this has now become moot as Maynards have bought out Lion and replaced the lovely liquorice ones with fucking blackcurrant the wankers. Yes, there will be a letter of complaint on its way shortly which I’ll pop up here, but frankly this is heresy. If people want blackcurrant then they can fuck off and buy Wine Gums or something.

As for the poll, see below. It was a 50/50 split between those who liked and those who didn’t like them or didn’t mind them. If you want to get really finicky, there’s still 30% who enjoyed them. That’s a fair proportion. Fucking Maynards. I wonder what else they make that I can boycott?

Midget Gems poll results
Midget Gems poll results

And now the new survey. I’m a nosey bugger, and I’m also lazy with my washing, so I often go commando. Balls out. Fresh to the wind, save only a single layer of cloth. Without undies. I’m just curious as to how many of you do as well, and how often. Especially women. With photographic proof.

OK, that last bit’s purely voluntary but if you feel the need then you know the address.

Go ooooooonnnn!

Also today

There was a big parade and so on in London(and Europe, I believe) to mark the end of WWII. I was channel-hopping around and caught some of the info stuff on BBC1. Apparently the first allied troop to set foot on Jersey after the Nazis buggered off was one Ronald McDonald.

I’d never recognise him from the old photo they showed (no daft shoes or big red nose), but hasn’t he done well since then?

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